IRR programs

On the topics presented, the Institute of Russia’s Regions in 2021-22. plans to conduct research, expert lectures and online conferences:

1. “Single voting day” in Russia (September 2021) – is it possible to put forward regionalist and federalist slogans?
2. Declarations on the sovereignty of the republics in the Russian Federation (1990) and the Federative Treaty (1992) – why are they not formally canceled, but people is afraid to remember them?
3. The imperial myth: is it true that without Kremlin centralism in Russia a “war of all against all” will begin?
4. Supporters of Alexei Navalny and regionalists: what brings them together and separates them?
5. The phenomenon of the Sakha shaman Alexander Gabyshev: personal specificity or a popular anti-imperial movement?
6. “Struggle for languages” in national republics: is it possible without the return of republican sovereignty?
7. Environmental protests in various regions (Pomorie, Komi, Bashkortostan, etc.) – is it possible for them to develop into political ones, as in Estonia in the 1980s?
8. How did the Kaliningrad region turns from a “pilot region of Russian European integration” into an “anti-European military base”?
9. How and why does the Kremlin “surrender” Siberia to China?
10. Will the Khabarovsk protests lead to demands for regional self-government?
11. History of the Urals Republic: why did the Kremlin ban it? Is it possible for many “Russian” republics to emerge alongside national ones?
12. Karelian question: how is it viewed from Finland?

The list of programs is open to add-ons. Please send your suggestions!